A Be-U-Tee-Full! Review

So today I'm going to be reviewing a fabulous little children's book, one that I have to agree with the authors PR agent on, this book should be in the hands of every little girl in the nation. SO I guess you already know my thoughts on this one and I can just walk away from my computer right? UM...NO! lol.  Let's get to it.  

About the Book

One of Cali’s bestie friends, Lyvia, is feeling pretty icky. Lyvia had to get glasses, and she is sure the glasses make her look yucky. Lyvia does not even want to wear them, but Cali has a better idea, and a great lesson to teach her bestie: you are be-u-tee-full for simply being you

Review: Ryder On The Storm

Title: Ryder On The Storm
Author: Violet Patterson
Storm Sullivan is a Seer from an ancient line forced to return home after the brutal murder of her aunt. But Storm finds she's inherited more than just the family estate. Ryder Cohen is an Immortal, a former enforcer commissioned to eradicate the Sullivan line and prevent the rise of the Emerald. But Ryder has come to question his mission and the reasons behind it. Ryder on the Storm is the first in the Emerald Seer series. An urban fantasy with a supporting cast of Immortals, Seraphs, and Deities this is just the beginning of Storm's journey. The Emerald Seer saga continues with Light My Fire which centers on Lucian's fiery past as Storm closes in on the truth of her destiny. Still craving more Emerald Seer? Dive into Whiskey, Mystics and Men, an Emerald Seer Novella.

An Authors Journey: Author Violet Patterson

So today we have an amazing author with us Violet Patterson and she is going to share her author's journey.  I will also be reviewing her book soon on the blog so stay tuned for that soon.

 An Author's Journey - Your
Authors Journey

It’s difficult to describe my journey as an author.  It isn’t particularly exciting; parts of it are downright boring and even cliché.  I tell my story and answer interview questions generally the same and it feels boring every time.  I hate that I don’t have a thrilling story sometimes, but then I remember that I have a story, several small moments that make me who I am and color every one of my stories from start to finish.  It doesn’t matter that my heart was broken in the most commonplace way possible – my high school sweetheart who I married after college decided that family with me was not as exciting as parties, barhopping and girlfriends.  It doesn’t matter that I wasted eight years of my life working a terrible, stifling cubicle job that nearly drove me mad.  It doesn’t matter that my life is not remotely where I hoped it would be at this point. 

What matters is what I’ve learned from all of it.  What matters is what I’ve learned from my parents, my siblings, and my friends.  What matters is what I’ve learned from my children and being a mother. 

Love & The Goddess Blog Tour: Author Interview and Excerpt

So today, here at An Authors Journey we are sharing a great blog tour with you all.  We have an author's interview, excerpt, and much more for you to see.  Also this amazing book is free on Amazon today.  Head over and get your copy today. 

Love & the Goddess One woman, One myth, Three Goddesses A woman's voyage of self discovery begins on the internet leading all the way to Brazil and onto the Andean highlands of Peru. Devastated from her relationship break- up, Kate Canavan is at a loss until she re-discovers a hidden painting of the triple Goddess from Greek mythology. Her interest in mythology and spirituality is re-ignited. A voyage of self discovery begins with internet dating using the names of each of the Goddesses in the triple myth. When a health scare intervenes Kate and her friends go together to visit a famous healer in Brazil and a spiritual guru in Peru, where all three friends begin spiritual journeys of forgiveness, gratitude and learning to live in the now. Read it to find out if Kate finds love along the way.

Author Guest Post: An Authors Journey by Stephen Zimmer

Today I have author Stephen Zimmer with us to tell us about his authors journey.  I'm super excited to have him here with us today.  Enjoy!!!

An Authors Journey
By Stephen Zimmer

I would like to thank An Author’s Journey for inviting me to tell a little about my own journey, one that has had a number of twists and turns, ups and downs, and brought me to the point where I am today. 

My journey as an author really began during the earliest phase of my childhood, with significant contributions from both my mother and father.  

A Year for Lessons Learned

 September 6 marks the one year anniversary of the release of Sydney Logan's debut novel, Lessons Learned. To celebrate, Sydney is offering a fant astic giveaway!  

The Blurb: A young girl needs to spread her wings, but a young woman needs roots. English teacher Sarah Bray never thought she’d return to Sycamore Falls, but a traumatic event at her inner - city school leaves her desperate for the sanctuary of home. By returning to her roots, an older and wiser Sarah hopes to deal with the demons of her present and confront the ghosts of her past. She discovers a kindred spirit in Lucas Miller, a teacher from New York with demons of his own. As the newest faculty members at Sycamore High School, they quickly become friends – bonding th rough Lucas’s culture shock and their mutual desire to build new lives. When they open their wounded hearts to each other, their friendship effortlessly evolves into romance. Their love is put to the test when Matt, the quarterback of the football team, shares his deepest secret with Sarah. When the conservative community finds out, Sarah and Lucas – along with the town of Sycamore Falls – are schooled in the lessons of acceptance, tolerance, and love.